French Proverbs from 1611: Starting with the letter G

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[Gasteau, & mauvaise coustume se doivent rompre:] [Prov.] [A (good) cake, and an ill custome should be broken.]
[Gasteau, & mauvaise coustume se doivent rompre:] [Prov.] (For the one does no good, the other much hurt, if it be kept.)

[Geline qui poind, & ne pond:] [Prov.] [A barren shrew.]

[Gens de bien sont tousiours gracieux:] [Prov.] [Good men are euer gracious, affable, courteous.]
[Gens de bien sont tousiours gratieux:] [Prov.] [Honest people are euer full of respect.]

[Gloire vaine assez fleurit, porte fueille, & point de fruit:] [Prov.] [Vaineglorie brings forth nought but flowers, and leaues; or, vaineglorie hauing blossomd, perisheth.]

[Gourmandise tue plus de gens qu'espé e en guerre trenchant:] [Prov.] [More are killed by surfeting then by the sword.]

[Goutte à goutte la mer s'esgoute:] [Prov.] The sea by a continuall draining will grow drie.
[Goutte à goutte on emplit la cuve:] [Prov.] By drop after drop the fat is filled.

[Grace de S. Canart:] [Prov.] [A gift of that which the giuer cannot keepe.]

[Grand bandon fait grand larron:] [Prov.] [Great libertie makes great theeues.]
[Grand bandon grand larron:] [Prov.] Much libertie brings men to the gallowes; or, great libertie breedes much theeuerie.

[Grand besoing a de fol qui de soy mesme le fait:] [Prov.] He needs a foole too much that will needes play the foole.

[Grand bien ne vient pas en peu d'heure:] [Pro.] Great matters are not compast in a moment.

[Grand debonnaireté a maintes hommes greué:] [Prov.] [Many haue rued their great courtesie.]
[Grand' debonnaireté a maintes hommes grevé:] [Prov.] Much courtesie hath ruined many.

[Grande dispute la verité rebute:] [Pro.] [Wrangling contention is truthes preuention;] [The like is]; [Par trop debatre la verité se perd:] [Prov.] [Too much debating makes truth to be lost.]

[Grande moisson l'obeissant recueille:] [Pro.] [Great is the haruest that th'obedient gathers.]
[Grande moisson l'obeissant recueille:] [Prov.] [Great is the gaine of those that are obedient.]
[Grande moisson l'obeissant recueille:] [Prov.] [Great is the Haruest of th'obedient; they that can yeeld will thriue.]

[Grands vanteurs petis faiseurs:] [Prov.] Great promisers weake performers.

[Grasse cuisine maigre testament:] [Prov.] [A fat kitchin a leane Will; great house-keepers often die beggars.]
[Grasse cuisine maigre testament:] [Prov.] Great house-keepers leaue poore executors; The like is; [De grasse cuisine povreté s'avoisine:] [Prov.]

[Grosse teste & prim col, c'est le commencement d'un fol:] [Prov.] [Call him a foole, and feare no checke, whose great head stands on slender necke.]

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