Modern Editions of The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft

Many thanks are due to the people who have graciously transcribed this music and agreed to let me distribute it here: Gordon J. Callon [gjc], Jennifer Kobayashi [jk], Bill Hodghead [bh], Bernd Roth [br], Christian Mondrup ( [cm], Acacia d'Navarre (Chris d'Aquino) [AdN], Tamsin Lewis [tl], Gisela Knorr [gk], Marien Abspoel [ma], and a few by me [gl].

A few of these were formatted by GNU LilyPond. Still others are in Noteworthy Composer format. Christian Mondrup uses M-Tx; in order to format these files, you also need

I also have a list of sheet music editions courtesy of Bernd Roth [br].

A Briefe Discovrse (1614)

Pammelia (1609)

Deuteromelia (1609)

Melismata (1611)

The Whole Booke of Psalmes (1621)

Christian Mondrup has a couple of these tunes on his Thomas Ravenscroft Page.

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