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Greg Lindahl

nil desperandum

(Why does my spellcheck want to change my motto to nil desideratum?!)


(My hair's longer than hers.)

Families, when a child is born // Want it to be intelligent.
I, through intelligence, // Having wrecked my whole life,
Only hope the baby will prove // Ignorant and stupid.
Then he will crown a tranquil life // By becoming a Cabinet Minister

-- 苏轼, K. Rexroth, trans.


I am currently a Software Architect working on the Event Horizon Telescope. Before that, I was Founder and CTO at Tobiko, a restaurant recommendation engine. For a while I worked at the Internet Archive, focusing on the New Wayback Machine search index. From 2007-2015, I was CTO and a Founder of the blekko search engine startup. Blekko was purchased by IBM Watson in March, 2015. From 2002-2007, I was Chief Scientist of the System Interconnect Group of QLogic Corporation. QLogic purchased PathScale, a startup at which I was a Founder and Distinguished Engineer. At PathScale, I was the system architect of the InfiniPath InfiniBand HCA. (The 5th generation descendant of InfiniPath, renamed Omni-Path, is on package for the new Intel Phi "Knight's Landing" cpu!) Before that, I was CTO of Conservative Computer, Inc., an integrator of Linux clusters. Before that, I worked as a Technical Director for High Performance Technologies Inc. In 1999, I was the tech lead at HPTi for this supercomputing cluster, which was the first time a Linux cluster won a conventional supercomputing procurement. I've even been interviewed by Slashdot about it. Before that I was a Research Scientist (and head of the applications group) at the Legion Project, and designed and built the Centurion cluster. Before that I was `Technical Staff' in the systems department at D. E. Shaw & Co. in New York. You gotta love those industry job titles, eh? Occasionally, I am like this. I was once a gradual student in astronomy, researching general relativistic numerical hydrodynamics. Part of my master's research was helping develop the VH-1 numerical hydrodynamics program. I'm a real programmer at heart.


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My hobbies include the Society for Creative Anachronism (in which I am known as Gregory Blount of Isenfir), the Trayned Bandes of London, Renaissance dance, and Scottish Country Dancing. I used to play early music with the University of Virginia Early Music Ensembles -- I currently play hurdy-gurdy, recorder, viola da gamba, (hammer) dulcimer, double reeds, (plucked) psaltry, and pipe and tabor... next up: bagpipes! I like play-by-mail (PBM/PBEM) wargames, and nice hair. I am a proud member of LFHCfS. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, which could be either a hobby or a religion, depending upon how one looks at it. Here are some pictures in my photo gallery. If you think you want to be an apprentice, Master Del has a scary introduction you should consider. If you think I'm cute, read this cautionary tale.

I call myself a hacker, but don't be confused by the media definition of the word. I deny any knowledge of IRC, or the game Wumpus. I think that on-line books are cool. Two good places to look are the Online Books page, and Project Gutenberg. On-line magazines aren't quite as cool as on-line books, but there's a good index for them nonetheless. Tuva is Really Cool. Finally, everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. See, here's my Google Groups profile.

Credits: Device drawn by Bryan Morgan and Fionn Ban. You see, I asked Fionn to get me some arms, anything that was a single charge... and he delivered...


I've written or host a bunch of pages not mentioned yet, most of which are SCA-related. They are:

To aid the cause of free speech, here's a link to Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology. And, because Google is a bit dim-witted, images of Greg Lindahl. You wouldn't think I would have to be so persistent, but...

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