Publications of interest to the SCA

This is a list of publications of interest to the SCA, not necessarily published by SCAdians. If you have any additions to this list, please contact me via email at

There's also an index of Complete Anachronist back-issues.

An Ghaeltacht

Topics: The culture, history and langauge of medieval Ireland and Scotland
Editor: Lord Conall mac Aodh?in, Clann nan Gaidhael c/o Kerry FitzGerlad
Address: 5632 Castleton Lane, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $8/year
Single Issue Rate: Back issues and singel issues available for $2 per issue
Other Information: Send an SASE for info on Clann nan Gaidhael and make checks payable to Kerry FitzGerald

Ars Caidis

Topics: Caid A&S Newsletter
Editor: Maria Theresa Ipenarrieta (Theresa Sherman)
Address: 603 Mound Avenue #4, South Pasadena, CA 91030, (626) 403-2850
Frequency: Quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
Subscription Rate: $3/issue or $15/year. Back issues available.
Last-Update: 23Sep1997

Artes Draconis

Topics: Middle Kingdom A&S Newsletter
Editor: Mistress Sibohan O'Neill, Judith Kirk
Address: 1106 Egleston Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49001-3837
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $10 per year. Make checks payable to SCA-Middle Kingdom
Single Issue Rate: $2.50 per issue
Back Issues: Some available

Baldric Purpure, The

Topics: Newsletter for the Bardic College of Calontir
Editor: Lord Aindries ap Daflyd, Andrew Cookson
Address: 1632 W. 22nd St. #510, Wichita, KS 67204
Subscription Rate: $5 for six issues

Bead, The

Topics: East Kingdom Beadworker's Guild newsletter
Frequency: Bimonthly
Subscription Rate: $10 per year
Other Information: Contact for more information.

Blue Feather, The

Topics: G/L/B in SCA
Status: No longer published
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $10/year
Other Information: Submissions of historical research, artwork, poetry, etc...related to G/L/B in the time period of SCA. THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVICE.

Boke of Divers Knowledge

Topics: Arts and Sciences
Editor: Lady Therica of Stonegate Manor, Ann Nielson
Address: 5377 Meadow Drive SE, Rochester, MN 55904
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Subscription Rate: $6 per year
Back Issues: $1 per issue
Other Information: Printed submissions earn one free copy. Articles submitted to other newsletters welcome.

Calon Scrolls

Topics: Arts and Sciences
Editor: Shajar al-Yaasmeen (Michelle Mina)
Address: 12625 Grandview, Overland Park, KS 66213, (913) 897-5456
Frequency: quarterly
Subscription Rate: $10 for 4 issues
Back Issues: Available, list on web site

CW Medieval Textiles

Editor: Nancy McKenna (Lady Pelagia)
Frequency: quarterly

The Castle Enthusiast

Topics: a 12-page newsletter dedicated to castles of Britain. Each issue features a different castle's history and architecture. Issues also include articles on medieval history, personalities, legends, ancient monuments, Celtic sites, clans, travel to Britain, book reviews. Illustrated.
Freq: Monthly
Editor: Lise Hull, Castles Unlimited
Address: 150 8th Street SW, Bandon, OR 97411
Subscription Rates: $3.00 per issue or $20 year sub
Notes: Castles of Britain website,
Last-Update: 1998Apr26


Topics: The Journal of Chivalry
Editor: Earl Sir Brion Thornbird, OL, Brian Price
Address: 4226 Cambridge Way, Union City, CA 94587
Subscription Rate: Quarterly, $18 per year


Topics: Lochac A&S Newsletter
Editor: Rainfreda der Einsamen Hugel
Frequency: 4 times per year (quarterly)
Subscription Rate: In Australia, $A28 per 4 issues, NZ $A35, US $A45.
Single Issue Rate: Back issues and single issues available for $A8 per issue in Australia, $A10 overseas.
Last-Update: 2003 June

Crossed Quills

Topics: For Scribes and other artists. Examples of Society scrolls and how-to articles on calligraphy and illumination design.
Editor: , Folump Enterprises
Address: 806 E. Green No.2, Urbana, IL 64802
Frequency: Irregular, about four a year
Subscription Rate: $1 per number
Back Issues: Available
Phone: (217)384-7333
Other Information: Free issues will be traded for submission of copies of Society scrolls; more free issues are earned if submissions are published.

Eric, The

Topics: Northshield Fighters
Editor: Lord Odo Uther, Wayne Clingman
Address: 4124 S. Hwy H, Sturtevant, WI 53177
Frequency: published whenever he gets stuff
Subscription Rate: $5.00 donation
Other Information: The editor invites all to submit

Forging Ahead

Topics: Metal forging
Editor: Duchess Selene and Duke Albert, Penny and Al Tegan
Address: 2926 Valarie Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Horse in the Middle, The

Topics: Equestrian
Editor: Countess Takaya Mereleone, Vickie Poole
Address: 1927 U.S. Highway 52 West Apt. 4, West Lafayette, IN 47906-5312
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $.32 per issue for mailing


Topics: Medieval Plant Use
Editor: Lady Alysoua de Ros, Carole Roos
Address: 1107 N. Notre Dame Ave., South Bend, IN 46617
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $2 per year
Back Issues: Back issues available on request
Other Information: Send payment to publisher

Interkingdom Guild of Confectioner's Newsletter

Topics: Interkingdom Guild of Confectioner's Newsletter
Editor: Mistress Alys Katharine, Elise Flemming
Address: 3950 Walter Road, North Olmsted, OH 44070-2111
Frequency: 2-3 times per year
Subscription Rate: $10 for five issues
Other Information: Checks should be payable to Interkingdom Confectioner's Guild. Back issues are sent so that all subscriptions run out at the same time.


Topics: Middle Kingdom Heraldry Newsletter
Editor: Thorvald Redhair, Ron Sargent
Address: 1673 Cove Court, Naperville, IL 60565
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $7.50 per year, checks payable to Middle Kingdom College of Heralds
Back Issues: Unavailable at present
Other Information: Submissions to editor. Subscriptions to Subscription, Jessant-de-Lys, c/o Richard Darnell, P.O. Box 6244, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Kiln and Wheel, the

Topics: Ceramics and Pottery in the Current and Actual Middle Ages
Editor: Lord Hroar Stormenga, Timothy Whitcomb
Address: 412 Greenwood Ave., Ft. Wayne, IN 46808
Frequency: 2/year
Subscription Rate: 4 first-class stamps for 1 year
Single Issue Rate: 2 first class stamps for single issue
Back Issues: When available
Other Information: Newly forming newsletter

Letter of Dance, The

Topics: Dance
URL: http:/

Marshal's Notes, The

Topics: Archery
Editor: Lady Cassandra, Sandra J. Westergreen
Address: 1628 68th Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432
Phone: (612)572-2684

Medieval History Magazine

Topics: articles by historians, archaeologists, and re-enactors. Coor, monthly.
Cost: $83 for 12 issues.
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2004

Medieval Life

Topics: General interest magazine, between an academic journal and TI in nature.
Address: C.J.R. Pickles, Medieval Life, Rectory End, Gilling East, York YO6 4JQ, UK
Cost: 10 pounds England, 11.5 pounds Europe, US$32 US. But they don't take credit cards.
Last-Update: 1998Oct10

Medieval Musings

Topics: General SCA interest
Editor: Giovanni di Rienzi, D.C. Nieder
Address: 210 Bradford Road, Ste #127, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $24 per year or $12 per 6 months
Single Issue Rate: $3, postage paid
Back Issues: Back issues available, $3 each


Topics: All aspects of heraldry; names, armory, ceremony, display, atrocious puns, and so on
Editor: Dame Alison MacDermot, Andrea Habura
Address: 25 Seneca St., Troy, NY 12180
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $3/year US, $4/ Canadian
Back Issues: Back Issues are available

Moderne Aviso, The

Topics: Europe and America, 1560-1705
Editor: Leigh Tartaglio
Address: 1 Evergreen Place, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Frequency: 6 issues/year, plus the annual Sutlers issue.
Price: $12/year US, $16/year foreign.
Plug: Printed in a period style (fonts, stitched binding, woodcuts.)
Outdated URL:

The Motley Crew

Topics: Newsletter for the Militant Society of Bards. Topics cover the performing arts in the SCA.
Editor: Laird Eogan Og Mac Labruinn, mka Matthew Newsome
Address: 1155 Dicks Creek Rd, Whittier NC 28789
Subscription Cost: $2 an issue ($8 a year, through Fall)
Frequency: Quarterly

New Member Times

Topics: Living History, general
Editor: , Folump Enterprises
Address: 805 E. Green No.2, Urbana, IL 64801
Frequency: Irregular, about four a year
Subscription Rate: $1 per number
Back Issues: Available
Phone: (217)384-7333

Northwatch, The

Topics: News of the Principality of Northshield
Editor: Lord Kenric Bjarnarson (Kenric Malmberg)
Address: PO Box 14182, Grand Forks ND 58208-4182, (701) 775-3430
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $10.20 U.S., $12 Canada
Other Information: Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. -- Northwatch
Last-Update: 26Jun98

Pale A&S Issue. The

Topics: Middle Kingdom A&S
Editor: THL Heirusalem Crystoma, Middle Kingdom Chronicler, currently Sarah Rogers
Address: 2204 N 950 E, Lafayette, IN 47905
Frequency: Annually
Subscription Rate: Available with subscription to the Pale
Single Issue Rate: $2 per issue for anyone
Back Issues: Available, contact Middle Kingdom Chronicler

Pikestaff A&S Issue

Topics: A&S
Editor: Lady Emilia Mazzo de Novella, East Kingdom Chronicler, Currently Jana Asher-Groff
Address: 5 Rancourt St., Nashua, NH 3060
Frequency: Annually
Subscription Rate: Available with Subscritpion to Pikestaff
Single Issue Rate: $2 per issue for anyone
Back Issues: Available, contact East Kingdom Chronicler
Other Information: Make checks payable to SCA-Pikestaff

Primitive Archer

Topics: Archery
Address: P.O. Box 209, Lufkin, TX 75902-0209
Subscription Rate: $16/year

The Ravel'd Sleeve

Topics: Medieval knitting recreation and research, occasionally nalbinding and sprang. Recreation of medieval knitted garments and adaptations for the medieval costumer. A&S, Textiles, Resources for the medieval knitter.
Editor: Melinda Shoop
Address: 4002 W Arlington St, Yakima WA 98908
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rates: $8.00 US, $9.00 (in US funds) Canadaian, $12.00 in US funds Australia and Great Britain, per year Back issues available at $2.50 each.
Phone: 1-509-972-0615
Last-Updated: Oct 6, 1997

Renaissance Magazine

Topics: a 100 page magazine dedicated to the Renaissance and Middle Ages, including reenactment and the faire circuits.
Freq: Bi-Monthly
Editor: Tom Hauck
Address: One Controls Dr, Shelton CT 06484
Phone: 800-232-2224
Email: or
Subscription Rate: $29 year sub; $56 2-year Sub
Notes: Ad rates and writer's guidelines are available upon request, via mail or email.
Distrubuted at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Crown Books, and other bookstores across the US and in Canada as well as at select Renaissance Faires.
Last-Updated: March 5, 2009

Sacred Spaces

Topics: Newsletter of the Known Worlde Architectural Guild
Status: I was notified it was defunct in October, 1997


Editor: Gytha Anora ni Keran, Jan Wagner
Address: 4504 SE Windsor Ct., Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503)239-6018


Topics: Newsletter of the Brewers Guild of AEthelmearc
Editor: Lord Caleb Reynolds (
Address: 72 Edgebrook #1, Cheektowaga, NY 14227
Subscription Rate: $5.00 for four issues or $1.50 per issue.
Last-Update: 1998Oct06
WWW page:

Serve it Forth!

Topics: A periodic forum for SCA cooks
Editor: Mary Morman
Address: 1245 Allegheny Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $10/year
WWW page:
Other Information: Checks payable to Mary Morman. Solicit submissions of articles, book reviews, recipes, etc. of interest to SCA cooks. $25 prize for the lead article in each issue. Submissions via post or e-mail.

Silver Dagger, The

Topics: Rapier
Editor: Master AElfred of Chester, C. Allen Reed
Address: 4739 N. Luna, Chicago, IL 60630
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $12/year
Phone: (773)202-9024
Last Update: September 12, 1999


Topics: Slavic Research, the newsletter of the Slavic Interest Group
Editor: Paul Wickenden of Thanet (
Address: 3071 Cimarron Trail, Madison, WI 53716
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: Free, also available online (see below)
Back Issues: available online at
Other Information: electronic discussion group available, see website for details
Phone: (608) 288-0255
Submissions: contact the editor
Last-Update: September 16, 2009

Stumbling Peasants

Topics: Brewspaper of The Knaves of Grain (brewing,vintning,cordials)
Editor: Lord Ansel the Barrister, Dennis A. Walker (
Address: 506 Pinecrest Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31093
Subscription Rate: Quarterly. Free. Back Issues on-line at web page.


Topics: General, editorial
Editor: Mistress AElflaed, Sandra Dodd
Status: now defunct
Back Issues:

Tidings, The

Topics: News of the Principality of Ealdormere
Editor: Lady Nicolaa de Brachton of Leicester, Susan Carroll-Clark
Address: 53 Thorncliffe Park Dr. #611, Toronto, ONT M4H 1L1
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $15/year (Canadian)
Phone: (416)467-9171
Other Information: Make Checks payable to SCA-The Tidings

Trade Secrets

Topics: A&S newsletter for the Kingdom of Drachenwald
Editor: Lady Isabella de Boyce, Ann Gillespie
Address: PSC 814 Box 312 FPO, AE 09865,
Frequency: Quarterly
Subscription Rate: $5 per year

Veil and Drum

Topics: Middle Eastern topics. Especially dance and music
Editor: Baron Durr ish Jabal, Dale Walter
Address: 165 Fishburn Hill Rd., Bellefonte, PA 16823
Subscription Rate: Contact Editor
Note: has web site

Viking Heritage Magazine

URL: (pay by PayPal)
URL: (in US only)
Last Update: Apr 20, 2004

Word Fame

Topics: Newsletter for Caidan Circle of Bards
Editor: HL Astrior, Ercil Worth
Address: 1915 Danube Way, Upland, CA 91784
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription Rate: $7 for six issues or $13.50 for one year

Y Camamseriad

Topics: Journal of Welsh Research for the SCA
Editor: , Harpy Music
Address: 5838 Fremont St. #2, Oakland, CA 94608-2612
Frequency: Annual

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