SCA: Compleat Anachronist Index

The Compleat Anachronist editor is now keeping an online index at Unfortunately the ordering information isn't so obvious! They're $4 each, and the order forms are at the SCA Marketplace.

Short list of Compleat Anachronist issues reprinted online

108, 7/00 Fingerloop Braids (includes additional material!)
105, 9/99 A Few Minutes on Books of Hours (all images, only part of the text)
99, 9/98, Life in Thirteenth Century Novgorod
91, 5/97, Early Child Ballads
90 3/97, Elizabethan Underpinnings for Women
86, 7/96, A Stitch Out of Time
14th and 15th Century German Counted Thread Embroidery (expanded in the online version to cover 600-1600AD)
76, 11/94, A Dreamer's Travels
"Being the Adventures of a Pilgrim In the Current Middle Ages Related as an Allegorical Tale In the Style of the Time Wherein He Meets Many Curious Folk And Learns Wherein Lies The Dream Thru Divers Curious Adventures and Entertaining Travels In an Enchanted Country."
70, 11/93, The Worlds Oldest Dance: The Origins of Belly Dancing
65, 1/93, A Japanese Miscellany
A quick reference for those interested in period Japan
60, 3/92, Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
Includes history, production, and recipes for making wine, mead, beer, distilled spirits, liqueurs, cordials, and vinegars.
54, 3/91, The Mongols
An overview of the Lifestyles, Customs, Laws, Clothing and History of the Mongol People

Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl)