Greg Lindahl's Photo Gallery

SuperComputing 2005 in Seattle.
In the Dance Tent at Pennsic 33.
It was wet at Pennsic 33. Packing up.
20th year high school reunion -- with Bill and Malinda.
Lounging in the Barn, Pennsic XXXII (Summer, 2003)
When I sold my house in C'ville, not only did I have flying squirrels in the attic, groundhogs under the front porch, and carpenter bees, but one of my trees up and fell over on the house. This was the crane that they needed to get it out. Apr 2003.
Just look at the size of that one! Agave cactus in the Stanford cactus garden. Feb 2003.
My new viola da gamba. February 2003. My chairs hadn't arrived yet...
In Venice, looking at the Rialto bridge. The boat is a bus. November, 2000.
At the First Myrinet User Group Conference in Lyon, France, September 28-29, 2000. Apparently some points require more body language than others.
Showing off my assets... I'm the one in yellow. Caer Galen Midwinter's Revel, late 1999.
My picture from work, which should have been taken around September 1995. Of course I was having a Bad Face Day...
Midway through my graduate student days, sitting in the astronomy department terminal room. The colors are off in this picture because it was in with a roll of film mostly consisting of night sky shots, and the photolab is incapable of setting the colors right for both day and night shots in the same roll. My opinion of the picture-taker is symbolized by my hand gesture.
Me, with a beard, leather, and cats. November, 1993.
My ex-girlfriend Chriemhilt playing the hammered dulcimer, Summer 1996. Ignore the shades.
Mistress Alessandro joins us in a little crumhorn playing.
A Crumhorn is a fairly silly instrument.

But, if you are in a weird mood...
Crumhorns can be useful for catching men.

On the Vomit Comet in 1988 or so. That's Ben to the left using the "French Stimulator", thoughtfully provided by the European Space Agency. Corrie forgot her combat boots that day. Unfortunately you can't see my hair floating around very well. The Vomit Comet is a KC-135 that's been flying parabolas over the Gulf of Mexico since the 1960's. The show on "The Making of Apollo 13" talks about it a lot.
In the National Cathedral, Thanksgiving, 1996. From left to right: Audry Vaughn (Chriemhilt in Elizabethan mode), Numphs, me, Mistress Grace Gamble.

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