The Cantigas de Santa Maria: To Codex Facsimiles

La Musica de Las Cantigas

Estudio Sobre Su Origen Y Naturalieza


Reproducciones Fotograficas del texto y transcripcion moderna


Julian Ribera

de las rr. aa. espanola y de la historia


Tipografia de la Revista de Archivos
Olozaga, I.

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[ Note: this book was published in Europe, so these facsimile pages only receive 25 years of "graphic rights" protection, which has expired. This book is in black and white. There is also a digital color facsimile of the Cantigas de Santa Maria To manuscript available at the World Digital Library or a color facsimile fo the Cantigas de Santa Maria To manuscript at the Bibloteca digital Hispanica. ]

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Reproduccion del ms. No. 10069 de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid

[known as the "To codex". I have provided cross-references to the standard numbering based on the "E codex" based on a table in Mettmann. In addition, you may consult this cross reference which lists the cantigas in canonical order. -- ed.]

Reproduccion del texto musical de Algunas Cantigas del MS. J. b. 2, de la Biblioteca del Escorial [E codex -- ed.]

Notes about the scanning:

These facsimiles were scanned at 300 dots per inch. The gif files are pixel-for-pixel scans; the postscript files are unfortunately slightly rescaled by the software I was using to convert them. So if you plan on reprinting these and need all the resolution you can get, either use the gifs or bug me to make a cleaner set of postscript files.

The page numbers are from Ribera's books. I have also typed in the various page numbers and details from the manuscripts.

Most of the scanning work was done by Zoe Kuhn (Chriemhilt von Regensburgh).

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