The Cantigas de Santa Maria: Facsimiles

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The Cantigas de Santa Maria are found in several manuscripts. The To Codex contains roughly the first 100 cantigas; the E Codex contains all of the Cantigas, and the standard numbering scheme is derived from it. If you are looking for the facsimile of a particular cantiga, various authors use varying ways to number the original, so you should consult both Codices.

The cantigas' famous illuminations may be found in the E Codex with every 10th cantiga.

The original manuscripts are in color. Unfortunately, all of these facsimiles are in black and white. Fortunately, I have facsimiles of a subset of the images in color.

To Codex

E Codex

F Codex (BNF; hosted by

Cantiga illuminations

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