The Cantigas de Santa Maria: Illuminations

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I now have 2 sets of scans of the illuminations from the E codex of the Cantigas de Santa Maria: a partial color set from a color calendar facsimile, and a full black-and-white set from from Ribera's 1922 book. I do not have a scan of the illuminations in the T or Florencia manuscripts.

[ A full set of low resolution scans of the E codex illuminations may be found at this site. ]

The illuminations themselves are in the E codex with every 10th cantiga. Image 1 is with Cantiga 10, Image 2 is with Cantiga 20, and so on. The entire E codex may be found elsewhere on this site, but the scans of these illuminations there are much less legible.

The color images are about 100kbytes or 30 kbytes for big and small. The black-and-white images are around 700 kbytes or 30kytes for big and small. The postscript files are postscript files about 800k each. All black-and-white scans were 300 dpi, the color scans were either 300 or 400 dpi.

European users should note that the color images are probably still covered by "graphics rights". The US, thank God, has no such concept. The images are definitely not copyrighted, see this article.

All images on one page

All color illuminations in-line as small images [ note: several megabytes total ]

All black-and-white illuminations in-line as small gifs [ note: several megabytes total ]

Color Images

Black and White Images

These final 2 images are in Ribera's book, but are from Alfonso's Libro de Jeugos, or book of games. You can find small color images of these at; these two images are chess problems number 19 and 25.

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