The Cantigas de Santa Maria: All Color Images

These facsimiles of the images in the Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscripts were scanned from a color calendar. Note that this is just 16 of them; the japanese page has a full set in color but at low resolution, and I have them all in black and white at high resolution.


Cantiga 50:

Cantiga 60:

Cantiga 160:

Cantiga 170 (flipped left/right):

Cantiga 200:

Cantiga 220:

Cantiga 240:

Cantiga 250:

Cantiga 300:

Cantiga 340:

Cantiga 360:

Cantiga 370:

Cantiga 380:

Cantiga 400:

Cantiga ??? (note foot on bench):

The final 2 images are in Ribera's book, but are from Alfonso's Libro de Jeugos, or book of games. You can find small color images of these at; these two images are chess problems number 19 and 25.

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