Chapter 5: Olympian geography

Olympia's map is a large grid of locations called provinces. Groups of provinces form continents, islands and oceans. These collections are called regions, and are usually named.

A province's description will include a list of the directions in which a character may travel:

Plain [ae48], plain, in region Tollus

Routes leaving Plain [ae48]:
   North, to Plain [ad48], 7 days
   East, to Plain [ae49], 7 days
   South, to Ocean [af48], Tymaerian Sea, 1 day
   West, to Ocean [ae47], Tymaerian Sea, 1 day

This is a non-descript province in the Tollus region (Tollus is a small continent in the northeast corner of the map.) From this province, a character may travel north or east on foot or by horse, or may sail by ship to the south or west.

move north  -or-   move n   -or-   move ad48
move east   -or-   move e   -or-   move ae49

sail south  -or-   sail e   -or-   sail af48
sail west   -or-   sail w   -or-   sail ae47

Land movement will automatically use the fastest available mode. For example, if a character has enough horses for all of the members in the party to ride, then the travelers will go on horseback.

Ocean movement requires that the character be in a ship.

Route distances are rated for the number of days it normally takes to traverse them. Land distances are rated for a lightly loaded character walking, and ocean distances are given for an ordinary ship traveling in normal weather.

Actual travel times may differ from times given in the route listing. Land distances depend on the surrounding terrain and the modes of transport available. For example, horses often speed up movement, but over especially rough or treacherous terrain, they may actually slow travel because they must be led and managed. A stiff wind may speed ocean vessels, while lack of wind may slow their progress.

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