5.4: More about geography

Olympian provinces are arranged in a square grid. Travel is possible in the four main compass points. Thus, to move diagonally, two move orders are required. To move northwest, for instance, one would first need to `move n', then `move w'.

The map coordinates for a province may be read from the province's entity number. The row is represented by the leading two letters, the column by the two digits. The northwest corner is [aa00], with rows increasing to the south, and columns increasing to the east.

    00   01   02  ... 99
ab|         ab02
ac|    ac01 ac02     ac99
dv|         dv02

Entity numbers for sub-locations do not correspond to any coordinate system.

The map wraps at the east and west edges. Traveling west from ac00 will lead to ac99, for instance.

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