5.2: Inside a City

Carim [em28], city, in province Plain [ae48]

Routes leaving Carim [em28]:
   Out, to Plain [ae48], 1 day

Inner locations:
   Hooting Own Inn [ep76], inn

Characters in the city Carim may move out (or `move ae48') to the surrounding province. They may also attempt to enter the inn, which is a sub-location of the city. Notice that no travel time rating is listed for the inn; entering it takes no time (zero days).

move out    -or-    move ae48
move ep76

A character in Carim will receive a location report both for the city as well as the surrounding province Plain [ae48]. Characters in the Hooting Own Inn will receive a location report for the inn and one for Carim, but will not get a report for Plain [ae48]. A character in the city may not see inside the inn without entering.

Characters in a sub-location receive a report for the immediate surrounding location.

Characters are not able to see into inner locations without going into them.

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