5.6: Hidden routes

If exploration finds a hidden route, any noble in the player's faction will be able to use it.

> explore
A hidden route has been found!

   South, to Plain [ce21], 7 days

The location description for this place will now include the hidden route:

Plain [cd21], plain, in region Tollus

Routes leaving Plain [cd21]:
   North, to Plain [cc21], 7 days
   South, to Plain [ce21], 7 days, hidden
   East, to Plain [cd22], 7 days
   West, to Plain [cd20], 7 days

However, units from other factions, even if they know that the hidden route's entity number is [ce21], will not be able to travel across it.

All factions with units in a stack traveling across a hidden route, with the exception of units being held prisoner, will learn of its existence. Nobles from factions wanting to learn how to use the hidden route can stack with a noble about to move across the route.

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