5.9: An example city description

Drassa [ew66], port city, in province Forest [cu26], safe haven

Routes leaving Drassa [ew66]:
   East, to Ocean [cu27], Atnos Sea, 1 day
   South, to Ocean [cv26], Atnos Sea, 1 day
   Out, to Forest [cu26], 1 day

Skills taught here:
   Shipcraft [120]
   Combat [121]
   Construction [125]

Seen here:
   Kosar the Indefectible [2022], with six peasants, one archer,
   two soldiers, accompanied by:
      Dr. Pangloss [3682]
      Law Netexus [2020], prisoner
      Alion Krysaka [2785], prisoner

Ships docked at port:
   HMS Pinafore [ib18], galley, owner:
      Captain McCook [2019], with five workers

Market report:
   No goods offered for trade.

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