5.10: Wilderness and civilization

Every province has a civilization level. Provinces with no civilization (a level of zero) are considered wilderness. Civilization levels for provinces are shown in the turn report:

The civilization level is shown for every province appearing in the turn report:

Mountain [cq24], mountain, in Lesser Atnos, civ-1
Forest [ac35], forest, in Torba Bacor, wilderness

The civilization level of a province is determined by the presence of cities and buildings, or half of the maximum civilization level of its surrounding provinces, whichever is higher.

feature         contribution
-------         ------------
safe haven           2
castle               1.5
city                 1
tower                1
temple               1
inn                  0.5
mine                 0.5

Any fractional remainder is dropped after the contributions are summed.


The maximum civilization level a province may have is civ-6.

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