Vault of Valhalla

11413 Upton Road, Plato, MO 65552
Handcrafted, handcast vikng, celtic & anglo-saxon jewelry in pewter, brass, and white bronze with historical and technical notes by the artist/artisan, Lord Paul Adler (Vincent Zahnle).


Handcarved, handcast jewelry designs fine enough to be considered art.
Modern, pre-treasured costume jewelry chosen with an eye to its period uses, T-shirts with our exclusive designs. Design 1: "Celtic Mathemetics: Lesson One: Bisecting an Angle." (Celt hiding behind tree with battle axe to 'bisect' unsuspecting Angle approaching with stolen pig under his arm). Design 2: "Verily it is better to give than to receive!" (Armored fighter wearing a pigfaced bassinet stands on top of a heap of dented armor and mangled bodies with his sword raised in triumph). (Not shown on webpage.)
Handsewn shoulder bags in rich fabrics, modern, pre-treasured costume jewelry chosen with an eye to its period uses, pre-owned feastgear, and unique 'found' items. (Not shown on web page).
Brooches, cloak clasps, pendants & belt buckles based on 10th century viking, celtic and anglo-saxon artifacts. Handcast from handcarved molds and handfinished.

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