SCA Juried Merchants List: Miscellaneous

Rabbit's Foot Meadery
Makers of the finest mead in the knowne world. Master Fionn is the owner of the only known commercial meadery in the SCA
Talbot's Fine Accessories
Authentic medieval antiquities for sale. Not reproductions!!!
Acanthus Books
Reprint of period etiquette manuals.
Custom Heraldic Designs
We offer a wide range of customized products designed with historic re-enactors in mind. Goods are based on documented examples and images/paintings from medieval time periods - circa 100 to 1600 AD. Whether you're looking for Gonfalons/banners, Emblazoned Surcotes, Unique Hats - Garb - Accessories or Custom Device images, Custom Heraldic Designs has high quality products to accommodate your historic needs. Unusual and custom product commissions are available on request.
Maison Rive
Glass jewels with sew-on settings. If I can't find an SCA period example of a setting or "jewel" color, I don't stock it. If your needs are general enough ("anything in garnet", for example) I'm willing to do mail-order on _these only_.
Cornwell Scribeworks
Greeting cards & post cards
Vault of Valhalla
Handsewn shoulder bags in rich fabrics, modern, pre-treasured costume jewelry chosen with an eye to its period uses, pre-owned feastgear, and unique 'found' items. (Not shown on web page).
Koll's Authentic Kreations
Period pendants made with vegetable ivory, bone, horn antler, jet, amber and soapstone. SCA medallions, celtic artwork, norse pendants, brooches, inlays and special orders including household and personal devices or kingdom awards.
Raymond's Quiet Press
Sutton Hoo and Taplow Drinking Horns
The Jelling Dragon
Living history supplies for Vikings.
Historic Enterprises
Handcrafted horn cups, spoons, combs
Anshelm Arms and Armor
Costume acessories such as belt buckles and tips, custom-made belts, brass period forks and spoons, candle sconces for your pavilion, and more!
Diane's Honey
Comb and Raw Honey. Pure Beeswax Candles

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