Custom Heraldic Designs

6751 Ledgewood Dr, Las Vegas NV 89103
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Since 2004 Custom Heraldic Designs has been providing handmade Garb, Regalia, Gonfalons and Accessories based on documented sources from Medieval & Renaissance Europe. Great efforts are made to produce high quality items that get the details and proportions right. Goods are customized to suit our clients' preferences in livery colors, fabrics and personal style in order to enhance their re-enacting experiences. For more information regarding time periods and original sources hover your cursor over any image on the site.


We create custom digital format Coat of Arms images for as little as $25.00 at Custom Heraldic Designs. All image files are "hand" drawn in clean Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator) and sent as attachments in JPEG and PNG formats for use in standard word processing programs. Images are suitable for print or web applications - Frame your coat of arms - post on your website - use the files to have T-shirts or coffee mugs made. Devices are based on standard heraldic charges or your own unique vision - unusual (non heraldic creatures or objects) are not a problem. A variety of image packages are available; Quarterly Arms, Crested Arms and Full Achievements for all your blazoning needs. Upon request we have created SCA device submission form files that can be printed and sent to the College of Arms.
Clothing & Fabric
Custom Heraldic Designs offers professional quality hats and garb to suit all your re-enacting needs. We offer many unique styles that meticulously re-create examples from Medieval and Renaissance period portraits. Hats and caps are available in a variety of colors, fabric options, sizes and constructed to last for years to come. Some of our more popular designs; Tudor Gable & French hoods/bonnets, coifs, Hennins, Scholar's caps, Mongol styles trimmed with faux fur and of course heraldic surcotes in sturdy cotton or linen. Custom hat and garb designs can be commissioned upon request.
We offer a wide range of customized products designed with historic re-enactors in mind. Goods are based on documented examples and images/paintings from medieval time periods - circa 100 to 1600 AD. Whether you're looking for Gonfalons/banners, Emblazoned Surcotes, Unique Hats - Garb - Accessories or Custom Device images, Custom Heraldic Designs has high quality products to accommodate your historic needs. Unusual and custom product commissions are available on request.

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