SCA Juried Merchants List: Clothing & Fabric

Tudor Tailor
Tudor-era clothing patterns, men's and women's.
Class Act Fabrics
Period appropriate silk, wool, linen and design appropriate manmade fiber fabrics; narrow and wide steel corset stays; period appropriate costuming books
Maison Rive
Washable wool cloaks and hoods (seperate items. No capes with attatched hoods, except the thigh-length Pictish model.) Ladies', babies' and children's linen caps, biggins, Beguines, etc. No-sag chemises in "daccar" muslin (quite sheer.) Arab/crusader states tunics in cotton, off-and-on. Distressed goods knocked off cheap at Pennsic.
The Treasury
reproduction clothing hooks and period glass buttons
Garments of the Past
Surplice- Year 1300 Tunic- Year 1100-1200 Sideless Surcotte- 1244 Surcotte- Year1200-1300 Cotte- Year 1200-1300 Eagle Dalmantic- Year 1400-1450 Pelice Civil War Uniform- Union Civil War Uniform- Confederate Medieval Gown- Year 1066 Basic Chemise/Shift Underdress/Kirtle Bodice Partlet Petticoat Italian Renaissance Gown- Year 1470-1540 Chesmise with Gathered Skirt Raglan Sleeve Chemise Corset Bliaut- Year 1100-1140 Hair Cases- 1000-1200 Barbette w/fillet- year 1200-1300 Crespine- year 1250-1260 Surplice- Year 1300-1370 Gown- Year 1520 Gown -Year 1490-1520 Renaissance Gown- Year 1500 bumroll
Blackwood Jewellery
A wide selection of leather belts, garters and livery collars with hand made buckles, tips and mounts, as well as items for the clothier, such as dress pins, wrist clasps and decorative mounts.
Dungiven Medieval Designs
Irish Medieval garments, researched and documented Irish fashions up to 1700 c.e. Includes veils, hats, brats (cloaks), ionar (jackets), leine (men's shirts and women's under dresses), truibas (trews=pants), and all periods of gowns.
Castle Garden Creations
Medieval, Renaissance, and Mideastern clothing, custom made, as well as accessories
Syke's Sutlering
Elizabethan and 17th century ready-to-wear clothes
Revival Clothing
11th-15th century medieval clothing, footwear and accessories made out of authentic fabrics from research based on period reference
Patterns of Time
A selection of over three hundred Historical, ethnic, and fantasy patterns in addition to a wide selection of cloak clasps and costuming supplies
Billy and Charlie's Highest Quality Pewter Goods
Pewter buttons, buckles and other belt fittings, eyelets, and costume accessories.
Renaissance Fabrics
Cottons, Linens, Wools, Velveteen, and Brocade fabrics for making period costumes
Period Perceptions
historically referenced clothing from Eurocentric early period to late period Japanese and everything in beteween
Historic Enterprises
Authentic clothing fraom a variety of eras
Reconstructing History
Patterns for historical clothing from the 11th century through the 16th century (and more!). Tailoring supplies and woolens to make the patterns into reality. Fine linen underwear and accessories based on historical examples - 13th through 16th centuries covered. Reed and steel corset boning. Wool felt hat blanks.
Patricia of Leicester
Custom embroidered clothing from period sources: Celtic, Scandanavian, Gothic, etc.
Custom Heraldic Designs
Custom Heraldic Designs offers professional quality hats and garb to suit all your re-enacting needs. We offer many unique styles that meticulously re-create examples from Medieval and Renaissance period portraits. Hats and caps are available in a variety of colors, fabric options, sizes and constructed to last for years to come. Some of our more popular designs; Tudor Gable & French hoods/bonnets, coifs, Hennins, Scholar's caps, Mongol styles trimmed with faux fur and of course heraldic surcotes in sturdy cotton or linen. Custom hat and garb designs can be commissioned upon request.
Ninya Mikhaila
Museum standard reproduction clothing from most periods.
The Jelling Dragon
Linen & wool Viking clothes.

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