SCA Juried Merchants List: Jewelry

Vault of Valhalla
Handcarved, handcast jewelry designs fine enough to be considered art.
The Jelling Dragon
Viking jewelry.
Studio Regency
Handmade jewelry inspired by history. I'm not going too far when I say that I have been obsessed with Tudor, Renaissance, and Medieval history for about 20 years now. I've also been a very long time fan of the Regency/Edwardian Era and of all of Jane Austen's celebrated novels. Much of my work is either exact copies of, or inspired by, period paintings and surviving period pieces. I only use real pearls, real silver, real gold, no plastic here!!
Hertzberg Accessories
Hertzberg Accessories specializes in quality cast bronze, pearl and beaded replicas of medieval and Renaissance dress accessories: buckles, clasps, brooches and jewelry, etc. We also create original designs based closely on artifacts and period portraits.
Online Relics Ltd.
Museum replicas from ancient civilizations [See the Anglo-Saxon and Viking sections for SCA-period stuff. -- Gregory]
Sapphire & Sage
Hand-created Medieval and Renaissance Era reproductions for weddings, handfastings, reenactments and faires - specializing in period-inspired jewelry design, including girdle belts, necklaces, bodice jewelry, brooches, circlets, collars, rings, period rosaries/paternosters, beaded trim, loose pearls and stones, and more. Custom orders welcomed!
Windrose Armoury
Modest Online Catalogue of Medieval Dress Accessories
Fettered Cock Pewters
We carry heraldry-inspired and traditonal jewelry in pewter, silver and gold.
The Treasury
reproduction glass bead and metal jewlery
Tillerman Beads - Mancunium Beads from historic sources
Handmade lampworked glass beads from research on museum artefacts in the UK and recognised publications such as the Margaret Guido and Birte Brugmann books on Anglo-Saxon beads. All beads are handmade by British glass artist Mike Poole.
Billy and Charlie's Highest Quality Pewter Goods
Pilgrim signs and cotume jewelery
Illusion Jewels Relections of Renaissance Jewelry
Reflections of Renaissance Jewelry offers handcrafted jewelry based on period portraits from the 1400's through the early 1600's. Custom work is welcome. [Note that the other "Renaissance" categories on this site aren't well labeled. -- Gregory]
World Tree Designs
Wire weave and twisted wire jewelry
Raymond's Quiet Press
Jewelry from Roman to the 17th C.
The Viking Trader
Jewelry made from moulds provided by the Danish National Museum
Blackwood Jewellery
Period rings, earrings, brooches, medallions, pins, arm bands, and many more trinkets and accessories for a great variety of personas.
Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas
Accurate Replicas of Tudor Jewels
Talbot's Fine Accessories
Accurate reproductions of medieval jewelry and accessories.

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