Interkingdom Archery Competitions: AS XXXXVI (2011)

Lorenzo's scores for previous years may be found at

My scores for previous years may be found here: A. S. XXXXVIII, A. S. XXXXV (2010 AD), A. S. XXXXII, A. S. XXXXI, A. S. XXXX (2005 AD), A. S. XXXVIIII, A. S. XXXVIII, A. S. XXXVII, A. S. XXXVI, A. S. XXXV (2000 AD), A. S. XXXIIII, A. S. XXXIII, A. S. XXXII, A. S. XXXI, A. S. XXX (1995 AD).

Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuson, Keeper of the IKAC:

With the new season well underway, the medallions are almost ready for the past season.

Here are the final standings for the 2011 Season.

Medallion Winners are denoted with "*", and "**" denotes the winners of the Special Achievement Award medallion

Also, please see the end of this message for information about items being considered for the 2013 season (next year).

Open Bow Division

Period Bow Division

Open Crossbow Division

Period Crossbow Division


Children's Division

Youth Division

Yeoman Division

** Special Achievement SILVER Medallions will be awarded to the following participants in the Child/Youth Divisions:

- Miranda (AN TIR) - for achieving the highest score in her division

- Brandon of Twin Moons (ATENVELDT) - for achieving the highest score in his Division, and for exceptional performance=A0 now in two successive divisions.

NOTE1: The medallions will be ready by the end of the month. As usual, it is my wish that they be awarded at Court wherever possible, to recognize the high achievement of the winners. If you are a Kingdom Archery Marshal that would like to handle this for your Kingdom, please contact me at so that I can send you the medallions. However, if any of the winners prefer to get their medallions directly, that is of course not a problem. Please email me at the same address with your snail-mail address, so that I can ship it to you. Special arrangements (ship directly to site) can also be made.

NOTE2: There are no changes in the rules for this season (2012). However, there are several rule changes under consideration for next year (2013). NO DECISION has been made, but I am interested in your feedback. In particular, I am interested in feedback about allowing period (documented) crossbow triggers, the use of two-color FITA targets (as opposed to the standard 5-color target), and suggestions for the Child/Youth/Yeoman divisions. I also welcome feedback on any aspect of the competition, all feedback is very welcome. Again, no changes for 2012 (this year), and no decisions yet made for changes in 2013, but I do welcome your input. The email for all correspondance is

This message will also be posted on the official IKAC web site:

Shoot well!

- Lorenzo

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