Interkingdom Archery Competitions: AS XXXVIII

Lorenzo's scores for previous years may be found at

My scores for previous years may be found here: A. S. XXXXV (2010 AD), A. S. XXXXII, A. S. XXXXI, A. S. XXXX (2005 AD), A. S. XXXVIIII, A. S. XXXVIII, A. S. XXXVII, A. S. XXXVI, A. S. XXXV (2000 AD), A. S. XXXIIII, A. S. XXXIII, A. S. XXXII, A. S. XXXI, A. S. XXX (1995 AD).


Greetings from Lord Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC.

The final standings for Season XXVI of the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition are as follows:

Open division

Period division

Period Crossbow division

Open Crossbow division

IKAC Children Division

IKCAC Division

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to the over 700 archers from 17 Kingdoms that participated in this year's competitions. A special thanks to Lyssa and Ariel for their work with their Kingdom.

The XXVII season of the IKAC will start on 1 February. Based on the participants' input, there will be no changes to the rules for the upcoming season, except for the Children division, which will go to a team-based setup based on participation. Please see the website at for the exact rules. If you have any questions, please address them to me at The new season is right around the corner, time to get shooting!

Shoot well!
- Lorenzo (

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