Interkingdom Archery Competitions: AS XXXIII

Lorenzo's scores for previous years may be found at

My scores for previous years may be found here: A. S. XXXXV (2010 AD), A. S. XXXXII, A. S. XXXXI, A. S. XXXX (2005 AD), A. S. XXXVIIII, A. S. XXXVIII, A. S. XXXVII, A. S. XXXVI, A. S. XXXV (2000 AD), A. S. XXXIIII, A. S. XXXIII, A. S. XXXII, A. S. XXXI, A. S. XXX (1995 AD).

Well, the 21st season of the IKAC has come to an end and it's time to announce the winners! All the archers listed below should be very proud of themselves. They represented their Kingdoms well and the number of scores that came in this year kept me very busy. Remember, the Southern hemisphere's season is under way and the Northern hemisphere's season starts April 1. If you're the archer-crat of an upcoming event that falls before the official start of the season, send me a written request to have the IKAC scores counted as official. Please note my new e-mail address. I look forward to another competative season!

The final standings of the 21st shooting of the IKAC are:

Final IKAC Period Division standings as of 1/1/99 are:

Final IKAC Open Crossbow Division standings as of 1/1/99 are:

Final Top Ten IKAC Period Crossbow Division standings as of 1/1/99 (only the top three archers receive medalions):

Final IKCAC standings as of 1/1/99 are:

Overall standings of the Kingdoms, based on how they placed in each division:

For a copy of the IKAC rules, send an e-mail request to (address available the first week of February, please specify rules on subject line). Or mail a written request (do not send self-addressed envelopes at this time), to the Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC: Giovanni dell'Arco, c/o J. Satcher, 14828 Military Rd S #120, Seattle, WA, 98168.

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