Interkingdom Archery Competitions: AS XXXX

Lorenzo's scores for previous years may be found at

My scores for previous years may be found here: A. S. XXXXV (2010 AD), A. S. XXXXII, A. S. XXXXI, A. S. XXXX (2005 AD), A. S. XXXVIIII, A. S. XXXVIII, A. S. XXXVII, A. S. XXXVI, A. S. XXXV (2000 AD), A. S. XXXIIII, A. S. XXXIII, A. S. XXXII, A. S. XXXI, A. S. XXX (1995 AD).


Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC.

The Final standings for Season XXVIII (2005) are as follows:

Open division

Period division

Period Crossbow division

Open Crossbow division


Children division

Youth division

I would like to thank everyone who participated this season, with over 1300 reports coming in, representing 500 archers in 17 Kingdoms!

Currently, I do not anticipate changes for the 2006 season. We will have the Youth Division again next year, with the same rules (i.e. the top 3 archers overall will win medallions). However, the IKCAC participation has been very small again, so I am considering making some changes. News may be upcoming before the start of the season.

Finally, I would like to extend special thanks to Lyssa, who did a wonderful job coordinating the scores for Outlands over many years. I wish her much happiness in her new Kingdom.

Thank you again to all the archers who took the time to participate in this year's campaign.

If you are a winner, please contact me at your convenience with the snail-mail particulars so that I can send you medallions. As usual, I would prefer that the efforts of the archers be recognized at the Kingdom level, so if the Kingdom marshals of the winning Kingdoms are interested in handing out the medallions, please contact me at ikac ZAT so that I can send you the medallions.

Looking forward to even more scores next year! Shoot well! - Lorenzo

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