Re: New STUDY parameter

Morton M. Charnley (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 20:42:30 -0400

> Reply to: RE>>New STUDY parameter
>I think that the study fails because it is suspended when unit q1a starts to
>move, and then when it tries to restart, it fails because unit q1b is no
>longer in a town. HOWEVER, I could easily be wrong. (It wouldn't be the
>first time that a theory of mine was shot down by facts) Have you tried this

Yes, I and others have done this numerous times.

>Rich, will Chip's move work?
>> But Russ, you currently only HAVE to spend one day in town as it is.
>> unit q1a
>> wait time 1
>> move out
>> move N
>> unit q1b
>> stack q1a
>> study 121
>> end

Chip Charnley
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