New STUDY parameter

Tim Whalen (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 14:51:36 -0700

I'd like to see an optional parameter for study to limit the number of
days to something other than seven (i.e. STUDY <skill> [days] with a
default of seven days.) This may sound trivial but I'm constantly
wanting to do oddball things like study a new skill category for just
one day while I'm in town so I can finish it off at my leisure or to
study just enough into the second week to get me back to a whole number
when I'm at 8.57/21 days or to study for just one week total when I
only need 3 more days for the first skill and 10 more days for the
second. It's sometimes possible to finesse this by stacking the
studier under another noble or timing your orders so the noble is
still studying at the end of the month but not always.


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