Re: New STUDY parameter

Tim Whalen (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 19:25:41 -0700

If you want to make studying harder why not just credit all the benefit
at the end of the week of study (and you can check for availability of
the study material at the end as well as the beginning of the week)?
Stopping study would have the same effect as stopping movement. Sorry,
pal, you're back where you started. Your basic lore scroll idea would
make for a lot of amusing action at the start-up of a new game as
someone tries to corner the market on weaponsmith or somesuch. ;>)

Since you probably won't make these changes I think that my original
proposal would just save players a lot of time when they make out
their orders. I know that I am rarely prevented from studying just as
much as I want to but it takes a lot of artificial tricks so that I'm
still studying at the end of the month. Why not just admit that we're
gonna "dip" cities (good term) and make it accessible to the more
casual players as well? You know who I mean, the players who don't
use a calculator to figure out what day their roundship will be done
so they can start using some of those workers (N * D - 500) on another
project that day! ;>)

Actually, other reasons for the parameter were, I thought, more compelling.
How do I study for the full "nerd week" when I have less than a week to go
on a skill? How do I get "back on track" after a partial week's study in
the "chump weeks" (2-4)? What if I want to kill a day before I start
moving somewhere but I already have plenty of peasants and clay pots? You
know how I hate to waste a *whole* day!


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