Re: New STUDY parameter

Patrick McLaughlin (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 17:40:10 -700 (PDT)

> Reply to: RE>>New STUDY parameter
> Chip,
> I think that the study fails because it is suspended when unit q1a starts to
> move, and then when it tries to restart, it fails because unit q1b is no
> longer in a town. HOWEVER, I could easily be wrong. (It wouldn't be the
> first time that a theory of mine was shot down by facts) Have you tried this
> move?
> Rich, will Chip's move work?

Well, I can't say it will, but it has. And I and a couple others have
used it enough--often enough--to name the manuever so that we can
shorthand what we're talking about. We call it "dipping," as in "we'll
dip into the IC and let Norman the Newbie start Forestry, and it'll cost
us only three days (in, start study, out).

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