Re: Death in Olympia
Fri, 3 Dec 93 14:47:38 -0500

>> This situation will become even more acute as tight NP limits make
>> each character extremely valuable.
>> Here is a proposal to soften the blow of death:
>> o When a character dies, the body is buried in a nearby
>> graveyard. This is already done.
>Fine. A nice touch!


>> o The player is notified as to which graveyard his noble
>> has been buried in.
>No problem


>> o After one game year, when the body finally rots, the character
>> will be reincarnated, skills (but not possessions) intact.
>AArrgghh! No! This is horrible! Mercy......!

NO, NO, NO, NO.....

The main reason to have noble reincarnate is I beleive due to the fact that
it is possible although unlikely to die in a single combat. I think the
case where a noble dies after months of prolonged sickness is not a
problem, and in fact should encourage explorers and other nobles who travel
far from 'civilization' to buy healing potions and the like. A solution to
this is to change the maximum damage possible with one blow from 100 points
down to say 50. This way no noble would die from a single attack, although
multiple attacks could be fatal, and attacking a wounded noble could also
be fatal. Now even if the chances of getting sick were increased, a noble
which is wounded and falls sick has at least a small chance of surviving if
they were near an inn or there was healing within a days travel. Who knows
I might even be able to make a living selling healing potions :).


BTW... I like the idea of a high level necromancy spell with rare
artifacts/materials required which would raise a dead noble. The noble
would of course be unsworn...

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