Faction tree thoughts...

Fri, 3 Dec 93 15:01:59 -0500

I found the faction tree useful, even though somewhat complicated. I am
one, of several, who found it necessary to write a short routine which
would sort out all the factions of any nobles seen each turn. The main
reason I saw for the faction trees existence was in the following

I send two non-oath bound nobles off exploring.

With a faction tree it is necessary for these nobles to occasionally meet
with another of my nobles to honor or terrorize them so that they stay

Without a faction tree, each of these nobles can now honor each other.
Example...every other turn each noble pays the other one 100gold to keep
their loyalty up. This seems really strange! If two nobles can honor (pay)
each other so that they each stay loyal, why can't one honor him/herself in
order to stay loyal. Actually this self honoring might not be such a bad
idea. Think of it as the noble keeping some of the profits. You can bet
they'd stay loyal as long as there was money :). Also a good use of the
gold which is starting to overflow Olympia if my economic advisor is

This still begs the question of how do two nobles go off exploring, each
with Fear loyalty. What are they doing to each other to terrorize each
other, and what is the equivalent scenario for a single noble terrorizing
themself? I don't want to even think about it.


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