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Rich Skrenta (
Fri, 3 Dec 93 13:31:53 EST

> Do we _really_ need distinct commands to control building access?
> Won't this, along with 'FEE' the way it is now, do the job better?
> I'm thinking of something like
> Allied: Can stack with me. Can enter without needing to pay
> fee even if one is set.
> Friendly: Can enter if pay fee. Can give things to me.
> Neutral: Can enter if pay fee. Can't give things to me (?).
> Unfriendly: Not allowed to enter even if will pay the fee.
> Hostile: Attack them on sight!
> Which removes the need for explicit orders to admit and to allow
> gifts.

I know what you mean; it's tempting to try and come up with one
simple system to cover all of the permissions cases.

Unfortunately, any linear progression like is not going
to allow some things to be expressed correctly (I don't trust him at
all, but he's going to give me 10 stone this turn; etc.).

Furthermore, I see an advantage in ADMIT that you don't get with
a more general DECLARE: the permission is stated in terms of
structures you own, regardless of what characters control them.

Say I have:

Castle Skrenta [1] HMS Pinafore [2]
Osswid Feasel

With ADMIT, my player entity gives all of the admit orders:
ADMIT 1 you
ADMIT 2 all.

Individual units don't issue ADMIT; they're global to the faction.

With DECLARE, Osswid and Feasel would have to issue their own orders.
Furthermore, if they switched place during the turn, they would have
to re-adjust their declarations.

Rich Skrenta <>

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