Death in Olympia

Rich Skrenta (
Fri, 3 Dec 93 0:25:36 EST

(No, not "Death of Olympia".... :-)

An alpha tester recently had a somewhat violent reaction to the
death of one of his important characters. This is not new to Olympia.
Players understandably get quite upset when months of work invested
in a position can be wiped out in a single combat.

This situation will become even more acute as tight NP limits make
each character extremely valuable.

Here is a proposal to soften the blow of death:

o When a character dies, the body is buried in a nearby
graveyard. This is already done.

o The player is notified as to which graveyard his noble
has been buried in.

o There are several uses for exhumed bodies. It would be
the player's responsibility to protect the body of the
dead noble.

o After one game year, when the body finally rots, the character
will be reincarnated, skills (but not possessions) intact.

However, if some monsters had eaten the body, or some foul
necromancer had turned it into a zombie, no reincarnation
would be possible.


Rich Skrenta <>

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