Re: Death in Olympia

C.M. Yearsley (
Fri, 3 Dec 1993 12:09:08 +0000 (GMT)

> This situation will become even more acute as tight NP limits make
> each character extremely valuable.
> Here is a proposal to soften the blow of death:
> o When a character dies, the body is buried in a nearby
> graveyard. This is already done.

Fine. A nice touch!

> o The player is notified as to which graveyard his noble
> has been buried in.

No problem

> o After one game year, when the body finally rots, the character
> will be reincarnated, skills (but not possessions) intact.

AArrgghh! No! This is horrible! Mercy......!

If you can't really kill someone, what's the point of having combat rules
at all? We have "survive fatal wound". We have nobles guaranteed to
be the last in a stack to fall. We have levels of injury, and healing
potions. You've recently made peasant mobs tamer.

If you do this, you might as well do away with combat, or replace
all soldiers with a new type "pillowfighter" - 'You lose! 6 pillowfighters
run away in tears'.

The point of combat is killing people. It's plenty hard enough to kill
nobles as it is. It makes magic look feeble, too: you research and
struggle to get, say, advanced meditation - yet miracles happen for
free all around you!

If you want resurrection make it a vastly tough spell, so that folks
can offer it as a service. Make it so that resurrected nobles lose,
say, all skills apart from the category skills. Lose all skills,
even; why not? They should keep their loyalty, though, probably.


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