Land and Ship movements.

Allan Flanagan (
Fri, 3 Dec 93 00:25:58 -0500

Can we look into changing the movement system somehow? I mean really change
it. As it is now you have to guess if you are able to move in a particular
direction or not. This is really bad for sailing. If you run into land
you are stuck there for the duration unless you back track. It is not
uncommon to have your ships move for about 7+- days per month and just sit
idle for the remainder of the month. This is really annoying.

Land movement is not nearly as bad.

What I propose is move/sail <loc> where location doesn't have to have
a direct path to it. The computer will move in that direction by first

eg. I am in location cu27 (a sea location).
I issue the order: SAIL dd44

Thiswill not work presently. To make it work:
the program could use a simple procedure to check path.
define a major direction and a minor direction [. for this situation it
would be MAJOR direction: east (this is the longest distance to travel)
x location 27 - 44), the MINOR direction: south (y direction cu - dd).

Now a sail e would be issued. If no path east found in would sail s (minor)
if no path s found sail n (opposite minor). if no path n found sail w (opposite
major). It would continue doing this until the location is reached. If the
distance in the major direction should ever be less than the minor direction
the minor direction will become the major direction.

This would make a fairly good movement system for exploration. One could also
check and when the closest point to the location is reached and the remaining
distance is unreachable by sea/land the move will stop and the next order
will be executed.

Any thoughts? I am really sick of trying to predict when my ship will
hit land so he can back out and continue sailing.

!!! maybe there should be an allowed move for ships from coastal land
province to adjacent coastal land province. You could then get rid of the
1 day out to sea route. These 1 day routes screw up distances.
You could also introduce a location HARBOUR for those provinces with cities.

This would also allow defending the city from sea. maybe also some hidden


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