Re: Map feel

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 15:50 EDT

Here is a mock-up I made, playing around with interior
locations and what they might look like.

Location descriptions:
Cnossa [204], province

Routes leaving Cnossa:
North, River Asart, river, to Celenth [227], 9 days
Northeast, River Estil, river, to Baraxes [232], 4 days
East, wilderness, to Aldain [233], 9 days
Southeast, wilderness, to Ossicus [230], 16 days
South, River Asart, river, to Pallia [219], 4 days
Southwest, wilderness, to Pentara [228], 20 days
West, wilderness, to Aerondor [215], 17 days

Region features:
Imperial Palace [3000], citadel
The Archives [3225], tower, guild [3125], strength: 2

Interior locations:
City of the Lost [2001], city, population: about 200,
walls: 2, lord: [501]
Forest Cnossa [2032], forest, size 40, "enter at your own risk"
Cnossan plains [2033], plain
Cnossan plains [2034], plain
Lake Cnossa [2071], lake

Lake Cnossa [2071], lake, in province Cnossa [204]

Routes leaving Lake Cnossa:
Out, to Cnossa [204], 1 day

Interior locations:
Isle of the Mists [2075], island

Isle of the Mists [2075], island, in Lake Cnossa [2071],
in province Cnossa [204]

Routes leaving Isle of the Mists:
Out, to Lake Cnossa [2071], 1 day

Cnossan plains [2034], plain, in province Cnossa [204]

Routes leaving Cnossan plains:
Out, to Cnossa [204], 1 day
South, to Cnossan plains [2033], 1 day

"move <location>" used for movement and enter/exit
"move out" generally used to exit an interior location
"exit" would be a nice synonym
enter/exit of interior locations takes 1 day to move

The granularity of this could become quite fine, down
to room-sized locations in castles or dungeons. But
this is just possible with this system, not necessary.
That level of detail might be too small to be workable.

Comments on any of this?

Rich Skrenta

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