Exploration -- interior locations

Rich Skrenta (internals@olympia.rt.com)
Tue, 11 Aug 92 15:58 EDT

Scott Turner had a neat idea several months ago that I liked:

"Ruins" features would be randomly scattered across the map.

Single adventurers or small parties could explore these ruins.
They might encounter monsters which they would have to fight.

Ruins might yield interesting artifacts, treasures, or lore sheets.

Ruins could only be explored once.

I was thinking about how this could work with interior locations.

Interior locations:
Ruins [2756], ruins

> move 2756


Enter the ruins -- takes 1 day

Entrance limited by the small size of the ruins.
Big armies can't enter, only one or a few characters.

Once inside, a nasty monster may be generated to attack
the intruders.

Ruins may automatically yield up an artifact, treasure,
or lore sheet to those surviving the monster attack.

After the encounter, the adventurers are automatically
ejected from the ruins. Thus the act of entering them
engages the units in automatic fight/exploration of the

Interior locations:
Ruins [2756], ruins, explored

> move 2756
Ruins [2756] has already been explored.

Rich Skrenta

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