Map feel

Bill Viggers (
Tue, 18 Aug 1992 18:10:32 +1200

Rich writes:

:I want to take a quick poll on the feel of the map system used in Olympia.
:Do players perceive regions as being "big" or "small"? Would you rather
:have a hex style map, or region with more interior detail? Interior
:cities, features, perhaps making "plains" and "forests" and such be
:interior features as well...

Sorry for the delay, I just got back from Fiji about 2 hours ago,
and have 190 messages to wade though.. anyway..

At the moment the map has a very 'irregular' feel to it, and I
like it. You don't know whats going to be where until you go
there. Regions I perceive as being big (probably from the
name as much as anything), and thus I'd like to see more
interier detail.

Hex systems have the problem of creating a kind of artifical feel
to the map. I guess thats what I like about the current system
you can have a province with exits north, southwest and east, and
you never know how many (well up to 8 anyway).

One problem with the current system (especially relevant in
ocean regions) is that in reality in 99% of the cases, you
can move in *any* direction, not just the three or four that
are listed as exits. The ocean region that has exits north,
southeast and west should also let you sail south, something is
there after all.


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