Brave New Olympia

Bill Viggers (
Tue, 18 Aug 1992 18:47:50 +1200

>Scott Hauck proposed, in his blistering "A fresh look at Olympia" post,
>that players should only control a few highly skilled individuals.
>The current FORM and RECRUIT would not be available. Prestige or glory
>would be necessary to attract new followers. Characters could attempt
>to raise armies to wage war, but these army units would not be members
>of the player's faction, only mercenaries hired or otherwise convinced
>to fight with the character.

Firstly my own prejudices. I like having the feel of a small group of
highly skilled people. And from the sound of your idea about exploring
ruins you like the idea too. Currently (as I wrote a while back), there
are very few useful 'indervidual' skills. Thus I support this concept.

> o Labor forces that sit around generating money exponentially
> have been troublesome for the game.

How is $$$ going to be earned without them? Yes there are other ways,
but this is the easiest and only alternative for new players.

>What if we abstract away the thousands of low-skilled laborers necessary
>for such tasks into gold. So a single character could direct the
>construction of a ship, but a supply of gold would be necessary as an
>input to take care of hiring the various workers which would be necessary.

Way to go. Yeah, whoopeee. In short, I like the idea a lot.


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