What Skills can do

John Morrow (morrow@gandalf.rutgers.edu)
Mon, 17 Aug 92 22:23:37 EDT

I would like to point something out. A lot of people have been
comming up with neat new ideas (yes, some of them are very neat) but
one that really bothers me is piling a lot of really important game
functions or effects onto one specific skill. The most blatant
examples are Observation, Stealth, and Leadership. Some of the
suggestions on new applications for these skills not only would make
them the most important skills in the game but would make them almost
manditory. Sure, I have no units with Observation OR Stealth but I
would hate to think I would HAVE to have those skills in order to be
competative just as I would hate to see Equestrian or Construction
become so important you just gotta have 'em. Not only that, but if
the skills are so powerful/important, everyone WILL study them as much
as possible making the whole point moot -- only a punishment for those
foolish enough NOT to have the skill without really accomplishing the
flavor that was originally intended. What I am trying to say is
before you start creating neat mechanics based on a skill, think about
how important that skill would become in the game and how many people
would take it to its extreme. Particularly in the case of skills like
Observation or Stealth which don't manufacture anything, the desire is
there to make them DO something but I don't think they should be given
powerful functions, especially without USEing them, that would make them
"must have" skills.

John Morrow - Varian [856]

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