Re: Magic

Greg Lindahl (gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU)
Tue, 11 Aug 92 17:00:56 -0400

Please pay attention to what is personal email and what isn't.
Wes just reposted my email without my permission, although I'm
sure he didn't mean to do so.

On Aug 11, 14:25, Wes Jones wrote:

> There are only three useful spells (haste, teleport, heal).

I find many more of the spells useful and cost-effective. The weather
spells, for example, are capable of having a large effect on army
combat, of armies of any size. They can also stop any number of ships
in their tracks. Anyone who's been hit by a faery slow spell can
testify that it's an annoying thing -- not a show-stopper, but still a
nice thing to be able to do something. The cost of a medium-level mage
is quite modest, say 5,000 gold. For the same price you can buy only a
small unit of fighters. I think I'm getting my money's worth.

> - Phillipe the Loudmouther


-- Oleg the LOUDEST

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