Re: Map feel

John Carr (
Tue, 11 Aug 1992 10:41 EST

> Do players perceive regions as being "big" or "small"?

Currently: Big!

> Would you rather have a hex style map, or region with more interior detail?

I would rather have a hex style map, as long as movement is not overly
complicated. I would not want to have to specify every hex to go from point A
to point B. Although, should I be able to say "MOVE B" from A, if I have no
idea where B is? As a second note, MUST I say "MOVE n,n,n,nw,nw,w" to get to
B, if I've travelled the route several times in the past year?

> Interior cities, features, perhaps making "plains" and "forests" and such be
> interior features as well...

With a region-style map, the more interior features the better.

John <>

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