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Frits Kuijlman (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 16:05:37 MET DST

> I want to take a quick poll on the feel of the map system used in Olympia.
> Do players perceive regions as being "big" or "small"? Would you rather
> have a hex style map, or region with more interior detail? Interior
> cities, features, perhaps making "plains" and "forests" and such be
> interior features as well...

Since you changed regions with cities/towns in them to cities/towns some
regions with a lot of cities/towns seem a bit small.

Please no hex map. The map as it is now with its irregular shape has a nice
feel. With a hex map it would look much more like a plain board game.

I am all for interior features. Make it possible that a region is a forest
or a plain with interior features such as cities, towns. Castles, markets,
shops, bars, wharves and so on can be both interior features of towns as
well as forests etc.

I am not sure I want forests, plains and agricultural lands as interior
features. As it is now you have to travel to another area to get what
you want. If you do this you should IMO add travel times between these

What would be better I think is to make the regions more fine-grained. Each
region can be a forest, plain or whatever. A local ruler can that take
possession of several forests, plains and mountains and give each region a
name. He should also be able to give these regions a collective name.
Example : Osswidiana consisting of Syssale, North Atnos, Atnos Forest and
Then with conquest Osswidiana can grow or shrink.

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