Re: Map feel

Jay Luo (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 11:00:32 EDT

> I want to take a quick poll on the feel of the map system used in Olympia.
> Do players perceive regions as being "big" or "small"? Would you rather
> have a hex style map, or region with more interior detail? Interior
> cities, features, perhaps making "plains" and "forests" and such be
> interior features as well...

I rather prefer the feel of the "region" system presently used to a
hex map system.... I'm not sure if I can quantify *why* I like it better,
but it's much nicer to know that your units are in "South Ilion" rather
than "hex 0103". For increasing the level of detail, I would definitely
prefer the model of interior features within regions rather than a hexmap.

Regarding whether regions seem "big" or "small", I perceive them as
being "big" (the size of counties or duchies), but "big" is sort of
relative, the regions with markets and towers in them being "bigger"
than "empty" regions. Also, the distance (travel time) between regions
sort of affects the perception of big/small.

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