Re: Limiting unit growth

Scott Turner (
Thu, 23 Jul 92 12:55:33 PDT

Currently in Olympia, what can you do with your money? Basically you
can FORM new units, or train existing units. And since the key (more
than ever) to succeeding in Olympia is to have a lot of units trying
to make money, you've got a drive to form units built into the game.
One key to reducing the units problem is to give people more things to
do with their money.

But anyway...

> Scatter indeps around to be HIREd or PERSUADEd. Get rid of FORM.

I like this idea a lot, but as you've noted, it changes the complexion
of the game quite a bit. Even if FORM didn't go away, though, it would
be interesting to scatter low loyalty independents around every so often.

> Require Leadership skill to FORM. PC starts with high Leadership.
> Recruit and form be subskills of leadership?
> Make FORM take longer.

I think I suggested something along these lines when we first
discussed subskills. I like this idea a lot, especially if you make
FORM take a week or two of the Leader's time. I don't think money alone
is a sufficient cost for FORMing new units. I think that money combined
with time (having to train Leader units and then spend their time) will
do it.

> Exponential maintenance costs for large factions.

Again, I don't think money alone will do it. I think the cost of
maintaining large factions should go up, but you need to charge the
players in terms of time and effort. I think I suggested once upon a
time having each unit "bleed loyalty", which could be replaced by
having a unit with higher Leadership PERSUADE. Under this kind of a
system, a faction with a lot of units would have to spend a lot of
time/effort making sure they stay loyal. (You'd also get de facto
faction trees, btw.)

Rich, do you still have my original posting on Leadership subskills?
I don't think I do any longer.

-- Scott T.

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