Limiting unit growth

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 23 Jul 92 15:01:24 EDT

Unit growth in Olympia is too high. Many players can't even think of
names for their units. This stresses my program, and it depersonalizes
the game.

Men growth is too high also, but that problem can be addressed with
simple competition economics. Don't worry about RECRUIT here, we can
deal with that other ways.

It should be hard to put together a large faction, especially in
terms of units.

Unit and men growth should be limited to 5-10% per turn
for large factions.

Players who don't want to worry about money too much
shouldn't need to play an economic game. So unit growth
must not be limited by taking everyone's money away.

Here are all the ideas I can think of. Please think about these ideas
and discuss them. Please don't send me hate mail. I promise I won't
run off and implement these for next turn. I PROMISE!

Limit each faction to two FORMs per turn.

Make FORM be very expensive. Give newbies some free FORMs.

Scatter indeps around to be HIREd or PERSUADEd. Get rid of FORM.

Require Leadership skill to FORM. PC starts with high Leadership.
Recruit and form be subskills of leadership?

Make FORM take longer.

Faction trees with restricted fan-out.
Restrict based on leadership skill?

Exponential maintenance costs for large factions.

BTW, I realize some of these ideas are turkeys. I'm trying to list
everything I can think of. If there's an idea I missed, please post it.

I want to limit unit growth; that is a given. Right now the old players
can expand easily, and it is hard for the new ones. It should be the
other way around.

Rich Skrenta <>

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