Re: External enemies, orcs etc.

Wes Jones (
Thu, 23 Jul 92 15:51:42 EDT

While I have no objection to these, I don't think they're all that
important. Another player is a far more dangerous and challenging enemy
than a horde of orcs controlled by a few lines of program code (this,
after all, is one of the big advantages of a multi-player game).

- Russell

I'd be suprised if your attack on a player character/unit isn't
controlled by that very same few lines of code once the attack begins.
In fact, the NPC's are capable of exhibiting smarter behavior than your
units because they can decide to attack or not on the fly based on the
opponent's size/strength. The only difference is that the NPC's don't
taunt you or terrorize you with email before attacking :)

- Wes

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