Limiting unit growth

Bill Viggers (
Fri, 24 Jul 1992 10:29:10 +1200

Rich writes:

> It should be hard to put together a large faction, especially in
> terms of units.
> Unit and men growth should be limited to 5-10% per turn
> for large factions.
> Players who don't want to worry about money too much
> shouldn't need to play an economic game. So unit growth
> must not be limited by taking everyone's money away.
>Here are all the ideas I can think of. Please think about these ideas
>and discuss them. Please don't send me hate mail. I promise I won't
>run off and implement these for next turn. I PROMISE!
> Limit each faction to two FORMs per turn.
Kind of nice, but no real justification except on game balance
issues. It also means I can't set up a new 'subfaction' such as
my mining enterprise at least not easily. Perhaps this is okay
if you are allowed to 'save up' your unused forms. I guess
a justification here is that your reputation grows with time,
and (expect for units you persuade), you can only get so many
new groups working for you.

> Make FORM be very expensive. Give newbies some free FORMs.
This means we are back to the large groups being better off than
small highly skilled ones. My Pet Hate.

> Scatter indeps around to be HIREd or PERSUADEd. Get rid of FORM.
This penalises new players who have less $ and less skills (and
thus less persuasion). Perhaps make these 'new' units only
available for hire, and immune to persuasion (or at least not
as cost effective as hiring).

> Require Leadership skill to FORM. PC starts with high Leadership.
> Recruit and form be subskills of leadership?
I though about this, but then when you issue a recruit order, you
get skill dilution in the leadership unit. Another option is
recruit <men> <to entity>

> Make FORM take longer.

This while simple stops the explosive increase in number of groups
but not number of men. Again something I think that needs to be

> Faction trees with restricted fan-out.

I have differing opinions of faction trees:
1: they restrict empire building (godd)
2: they are a pain to use (apparently) (bad)

Sorry these are all negitive, but I think they are still valid
points. I'll put my thinking cap on over the weekend and try
for some positive ideas.


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