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All fencers, bearwards, common players in interludes and minstrels, not belonging to any baron of the realm or towards any other honourable personage of greater degree ... which ... shall wander abroad and have not license of two justices of the peace ... shall be judged rogues, vagabonds and sturdy beggars.

-- The Vagrancy and Poor Relief Act of 1572

This is a homepage for the performing arts as practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The arts include songs, filk (new words to an existing tune), story-telling, and juggling, but generally don't include consort music. The SCA covers (theoretically) mostly Western Europe from the fall of Rome until 1600. For information about music that isn't mentioned here, see the SCA Music Homepage. If you have any suggestions or contributions for this page, please write me at lindahl@pbm.com.

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