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Florio's 1611 Italian/English Dictionary:
Queen Anna's New World of Words

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Rules And Short
Observations For The
True Pronouncing And
Speedie Learning Of
The Italian Tongue

Search for a particular Italian word -- or go search at the Archimedes project transcription. Note also that there is an Italian-Italian dictionary from 1612 online.

You can download the entire facsimile as one huge .PDF file, 66 megabytes. I also have the smaller 1598 edition online.

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Credits: Scanning by Steve Bush. These images are in the public domain. The particular copy scanned is the 1968 Scholar Press facsimile.

If you'd like a copy of the raw data for this book, or the various search scripts (implemented as Perl CGI scripts), please email me.

A (transcribed) copy of Florio's 1598 dictionary is in the The Early Modern English Dictionaries Database, but the EMEDD has a copyright issue which does not exist here.

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